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Publicising your furry friends

First, a note to you, dear readers:

I value you and your pets more than you could imagine and I love that we are a part of a vibrant community of pet lovers. I hope, now that you have been reading my reviews, blog posts and hopefully following my social media, you will know that Ellie and I  would ever trade the soul of this site for a fee.  Yet, with the amount of time and energy devoted here and around the web, the reality is that we have to earn an income.  I truly hope you know that I will always be genuine. Any product, service or place that we recommend, are all products/places that my little Ellie or cats (yes my three rescue cats also help with reviews) have actually used. I would never recommend something that we haven’t tried first-hand.  Neither will I ever write a positive review just because I was paid.  I try always to be completely transparent, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for being here and for sharing your pets’ lives with this community!

If you are a pet brand and would like to work with Ellie and I, please use the contact us form.

Nina xx

Are you a pet lifestyle brand?

Here are a few ways we can work together

Reviews and giveaways

Brands are responsible for costs of shipping a non-returnable sample for us to try.  Postage costs associated with sending the giveaway are also covered by the brand. Giveaways repay readers for their engagement with a brand.  My reviews are always genuine, though I won’t write a bad review. If we dislike something, I can’t assume everyone will dislike that same something.  Therefore, sending a product sample doesn’t obligate me to write a review.

Sponsorship and spokesperson (or rather spokes-dog!)

I create custom content to connect your brand with your ideal audience. For every sponsored post, I build a custom offering based around your project’s scope and budget. When Nina Met Ellie followers and readers are your customers. However, this blog is my own little baby, and I love, adore, and value the wonderful people who read it every day, so I’m picky about these partnerships.

The best place to start is with a pitch email to Ellie and I!

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