This toy was gifted to me following a post on LinkedIn.  I had been searching for a durable toy for my German Shepherd Dog and the company reached out, offering me an extra-large Kong in return for an honest review and these are my findings.


They are made of almost indestructible rubber with a hollow at one end, allowing you to stuff it with food.  This is extremely beneficial for dogs who suffer separation anxiety, since it provides mental stimulation when the dog is alone.

The Kong is available is different sizes, the large being extra durable to cope with even the most powerful chewers.  Our dog Luika, enjoyed his for almost five years, during which time it survived almost daily abuse, and when we lost him last May, it was given to our local rescue shelter, to provide a source of entertainment for another dog while waiting to be adopted.


Chewing is beneficial for a dog’s health and wellbeing and the Kong proves a great distraction when your dog is home alone.  By putting food inside the toy, you are making the dog work for his supper, but please remember to decrease their regular food, since overfeeding could contribute to obesity, which can cause all manner of health problems for your dog. 


It is extremely important to keep all of your dogs toys clean, especially with the treat dispensing ones, to keep them free of bacteria.  It is advisable to inspect and evaluate toys regularly and those that cannot be cleaned should be disposed of.

I would look at the manufacturer’s instructions with regard to cleaning, since if you are considering your dishwasher, the heat of its drying cycle could cause the toy to lose its structural shape and make the toy unfit for purpose.  Hand washing is a much safer option and using a small brush will help you to clean the toys crevices and remove any debris and dirt inside.

JW Amaze-A-Ball

Treat dispensing ball

I wanted to include this in my review, since JW also responded to my LinkedIn post and sent two large Amaze-A-Balls for Luika to try.  Unlike the Kong, these balls are collapsible and fold in as your dog chews.  They are also a treat dispenser ball with a little maze inside, making it that much harder for your dog to retrieve the treat inside.

Vanilla extract

Not only is it made with rubber, but it is also infused with vanilla extract which emit a tantalising aroma as your dog nudges it around the room. Luika would spend hours trying to retrieve its contents and although it did not last as long as the Kong, it gave him hours of pleasure, almost like a baby with a pacifier and when he last one was assigned to the dustbin, JW very kindly sent me another two, one of which has been handed down to our little Cockapoo.  Despite it being large, she delights in pushing it around the room and finding the little treats inside.

My only disappointment with this ball, is that I am unsure if it is still in production. I did find one for sale on an American site retailing at $15, but the only site in the U.K stated that it was out of stock.  Such a shame since it is a great buy and keeps your dog occupied for hours.

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